Authentic impact through plastic credits

0% of consumers don’t believe most green or sustainable claims from brands

Five plastic credit must-haves

Not all plastic credits are created equal.

Creating social impact makes a tangible change in the lives of people who gather and exchange it with opportunities for additional income and social benefits.


Reduces your footprint by funding the collection of discarded plastic from the environment, protecting the Earth for humanity to thrive.


Empowers the circular economy by investing in waste management infrastructure and recycling communities. Ensures materials are consistently returned to circularity for systemic change.


Ensures authenticity, verifies social and environmental impact, and brings transparency to recycling and waste management efforts.


Goes beyond mundane sustainability initiatives by stimulating additional environmental action, ensuring more plastic is recycled or removed from the environment through its exchange.


Enhance your ESG initiatives with our traceable solution to deliver on your environmental and social responsibility.

Elevate your business
with Plastic Credits

Social impact customization

Choose the social impact you want associated with your brand or business to best fit your ESG goals and targets.

Audit-ready traceability

Authenticate your ESG reporting by tracing every impact transaction, amount of plastic gathered, branch location where the gathered plastic was exchanged, and the verified social impact uniquely assigned to you.

Authentic storytelling

Access Story Book, our exclusive digital library with toolkits, guidelines, video, and photo content from our communities. Create and share impactful stories about the difference your brand is making with your consumers, stakeholders, retailers, and the world.

Annual campaign toolkits

Plan ahead for key environmental and social observances with turnkey campaign toolkits that highlight your impact in line with the occasion.

Employee engagement

Tap into tools and educational materials for employee engagement, empowering your staff members to be part of the change.

Resources and integration

Access your unique API plug-ins for integration and share impact updates with your audiences directly through your website. You can also access your impact certificates, pre-approved claims, badges, and usage guidelines to share your impact across multiple marketing and distribution channels.

Your journey to authentic impact

Easy to adopt, traceable to trust, and quick to deliver positive impact.

Step 1

Meet with our experts

Start your journey by estimating your plastic footprint with our expert and receive a personalized consultation on how your business or brand can make a difference.

Step 2

Choose your impact

Choose the level of impact that best aligns with your business.

Step 3

Start your program

Mobilize collection communities to hand-gather discarded plastic from the environment and get access to our Impact Hub.

Step 4

Track, customize and share your impact

Avail the benefits of Impact Hub to track, verify, and share the environmental and social impact you are making in the world.

Businesses driving
impact forward

Our partners are leading by example

“Our collaboration with Plastic Bank is a unique partnership, addressing two of the world’s biggest challenges of today: plastic waste and the lack of opportunity for people in need.”
Sylvie Nicol Executive Vice President Human Resources and Chairwoman of Henkel’s Sustainability Council
“Together, we’re not only working toward a healthier planet for generations to come – but we’re helping to provide a stable source of income for people working to create a better life for themselves, their families, and their neighbors.”
Doss Cunningham Chairman & CEO, Nutrabolt
“We are present in over 90 countries with our brands and we are aware of the impact this has on the planet. This is why our commitment extends beyond our borders and is focused on doing everything possible to reduce our footprint and transform it into a positive impact for the Planet and its inhabitants.”
Davide Bollati Chairman of Davines Group
“The inspiration for LILLYDOO green and our cooperation with Plastic Bank came when I was traveling Indonesia in 2019 where I found that the most beautiful places were littered with plastic bottles. We’re proud that our cooperation helps a little to drive change – one product at a time.”
Gerald Kullack Co-Founder & Managing Director
“At The Conqueror, we aim to grow a community that supports sustainability for a person’s exercise habits, and for the environment. Our partnership with Plastic Bank helps us deliver these values through our product offering to our customers.”
Adam El-Agez CEO of The Conqueror Virtual Challenges

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